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New York Insurance Defense Lawyers

Aggressive litigation for insurance providers and businesses

The attorneys at Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP handle insurance claims on behalf of insurers and businesses in New York. The firm has broad insurance litigation experience, including claims of general negligence, products liability, professional malpractice and municipal liability. Their lawyers can take on a case from the first notice of claim, or they readily assist house counsel with complex cases that require focused attention.

General negligence

Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP fights claims of general negligence, thoroughly examining the circumstance of each case to develop a strategic defense.

Automobile accidents

The firm’s attorneys and experts meticulously inspect the scene of an automobile accident, collecting crucial evidence that forms the basis for a solid rebuttal of negligence claims.

Premises liability

For premises liability claims such as slip and fall or assault, the firm’s lawyers rigorously examine the duty of care owed and work to prove that the defendant was not in breach of that duty.

Products liability

Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP can determine the appropriate strategy for defense of a products liability lawsuit, such as:

  • The manufacturer had no reasonable basis to know of a dangerous condition
  • The manufacturer provided appropriate warnings of potentially hazardous use
  • The plaintiff intentionally misused the product against the manufacturer’s instructions

Professional malpractice

The firm represents professionals and their insurers in a variety of industries. The lawyers at Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP are skilled at interpreting the duties of care and service required by New York law for practitioners in the medical, dental, legal, architectural and engineering fields.

Municipal liability

When municipal entities face civil rights claims under state or federal law or negligence claims, the experienced attorneys at Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP know how to mount a solid defense. They are intimately familiar with the unique requirements of federal, state and local laws for establishing proof of municipal negligence, or liability under federal or state statutes such as 42 U.S.C. 1983.

Tenacious insurance defense lawyers who fight for your position

Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP knows how to provide effective insurance defense representation. Contact the firm online or call 914.437.8020 to speak to an attorney. Your consultation is complimentary.