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Insurance Coverage Lawyers in New York

Assistance to insurers dealing with policy coverage issues

Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP is experienced in insurance coverage analysis and litigation, with particular knowledge of coverage issues related to general liability, automobile, homeowners and professional liability policies, to name only a few. The lawyers at Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP are also knowledgeable of issues arising under excess and umbrella policies, underinsured and uninsured motorist claims, and “bad faith” claims made against insurers.

Guidance for businesses facing liability concerns

Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP helps businesses assess their liability insurance coverage and make recommendations on how to mitigate risk. The firm works directly with your company or with house counsel to analyze scenarios that may incur liability and to examine the adequacy of existing insurance coverage.

Informed response to liability inquiries

When your business becomes aware of a potential liability issue, the attorneys at Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP offer prompt assistance in establishing the next steps. The firm provides counsel at any stage of a liability concern, from first notice of an incident to the receipt of a claim or lawsuit.

When an accident or other potential tort has occurred

As soon as a business receives notice of an incident — even if no claim has yet been filed — the firm’s attorneys can launch an investigation. They give an opinion on your degree of exposure and examine your liability insurance coverage to determine whether you have adequate protection or should prepare to defend a claim at trial.

After you have received a claim for damages

When your business receives notice of a claim, Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP can help you determine its merit and make decisions about how to proceed. The firm’s lawyers thoroughly review all of your insurance policies and can often show you potential coverage you were not aware of.

Filing your insurance claim successfully

If the firm finds that you have appropriate insurance coverage, their attorneys can assist you in filing a claim. If you do not present the precise information needed within the time limits dictated by your policy, the insurance company may be resistant to accepting your claim or unable to effectively process it. Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP helps ensure your initial presentation of your claim is timely and complete.

Diligent insurance coverage lawyers who protect your interests

For thoughtful and practical advice on insurance coverage matters, speak to an attorney at Collins, Fitzpatrick & Schoene, LLP. Contact the firm online or call 914.437.8020 for a complimentary initial consultation.